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Policy Development

Development of Employee Handbook with required policies or revisions of current policies including health and safety legislation, Workplace Harassment and Violence, AODA, Accommodation, Progressive Discipline, Attendance and Absenteeism, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Privacy, Telecommunications, Hours of Work and Overtime, Sick and Personal Days, and Vacation and Public Holidays.



How do we get our employees to return to the work location after working from home for several months during the pandemic?

Having robust policies in place is critical. Create a policy in addition to an agreement between the employer and employee with a clause indicating that working from home is temporary and this temporary measure can be revoked or changed at any time.

Some of our employees are working extra hours from home without authorization.

It is important to clarify to your staff that work hours fall into the set parameters of the business requirements. Ensure that a tracking system is in place with instructions noting that any work performed beyond the regular daily work hours will require authorization from the reporting manager. If you permit employees to work overtime, you have to pay overtime.

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