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Strategic HR Planning

The development and implementation of an HR Strategy that is linked to your organization’s objectives is key to the success of your business. It provides information on how the HR function will support the goals and strategies of the organization, while also ensuring that HR planning and practices are consistent.

Evaluating business processes aligned with employer obligations. This includes cost saving measures such as restructuring, temporary and/or permanent layoffs, emergency response to COVID-19, and business contingency planning for future pandemics or emergencies.



Why do I need a Strategic HR Plan?

For your organization to be successful in achieving its corporate objectives, you need to have the right people in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time. Strategic HR Planning will ensure that you can deliver your strategy and have the ability to evaluate the progress of achieving your organization’s goals. The Strategic HR Plan includes HR practices, training and skill development policies that are linked to strategy, succession planning to identify and prepare your employees for the next level, and minimizing resource risks.

How will a Strategic HR Plan make my business more profitable?

When having the Strategic HR Plan in place that focuses on a compensation policy, training and development plan, goal setting and employee engagement initiatives, your  employee retention rates should increase. Your employees will become brand promoters who will eventually drive your products, services, and business to success.

Having a Strategic HR Plan and investing in your people can directly be responsible for increasing your company’s bottom line.

Why is change important in an organization?

With threats like Covid-19, globalization, new technologies and economic and political interference, we now confront a situation in which organizational must be prepared and able to act quickly to manage change. Organisations that are unable to accept change could face challenges to their continuing existence.


Why are employees fearful to accept change?

Many people look to embrace change in the workplace, but are also fearful and concerned when the announcement of the change is made. For an organization to survive they need to be able to change. The Forbes article provides tips to help your employees overcoming their fears of change at work.

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