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Quarterly HR Bulletin
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Spring Edition - April 2023


In our Spring edition, you will find important information regarding:

  • Legal updates regarding employees working in a different province & OHSA considerations for remote workers

  • Health & Wellness, maintaining connections to reduce isolation and upcoming Day of Mourning

  • 4-day Work Week - benefits, challenges, and important considerations.

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Winter Edition - January 2023


In our Winter edition, you will find important information regarding:

  • Tips for creating a remote working policy and how to deal with challenges in returning your workers to the work place

  • Health & Wellness, maintaining good mental health and *NEW* EI Sickness Benefit updates

  • Retaining Employees - strategies to attract, recruit, and retain your valuable employees

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Autumn Edition - October 2022


In our Autumn Quarterly HR Bulletin, you will find important information regarding:

  • Legislative updates regarding new guidelines for Electronic Monitoring, Non-Compete, and Disconnect Policies

  • Health & Safety, featuring Ergonomics and Mental Health

  • Interview Tips to help you prepare, engage, and determine the best candidate for your organization

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Summer Edition - July 2022


In our Summer Quarterly HR Bulletin, you will find information regarding:

  • Health and Safety Updates regarding workplace hazard prevention and programs

  • Important updates regarding Bill 88, Worker for Workers Act on the Disconnect Policy, Electronic Monitoring, and maintaining compliance

  • Recruitment tips to help you recruit, engage, and retain the best candidates



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Spring Edition - April 2022

We are introducing our first Quarterly HR Bulletin to provide useful and timely updates that are relevant and important for your business operations.

In this edition, you will find information regarding:

  • New legislation requirements under Bill 27, Worker for Workers Act

  • Amendments to the Employment Standards Act, 2000

  • Important considerations for keeping your workplace safe and healthy

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