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Training & Development

Assessing your specific training needs relating to health and safety practices; Harassment, Discrimination, and Violence Prevention; and Joint Health & Safety Committee initiatives. Providing training and leadership development relating to performance management such as effective coaching methods, disciplinary actions, terminations, attendance management, accommodations, and return to work practices.  


What measures do I use to calculate return on investment for training?

Training and developing your employees are key when looking at retaining good talent and giving you an advantage over your direct competitors.

There is not one single approach to measuring the ROI of employee training. However there are many factors to consider. For example: Were the objectives of the training met? Has the employee’s knowledge increased? Have you analysed the evaluation results of the training? Has the employee’s performance changed?


How do I identify training needs for my employees?

A training needs assessment will identify issues related to employee and organizational performance to determine if training can help. It measures the competencies of a company, a group, or an individual and how they relate to what is required. It is necessary to find out what is happening and what should be happening before deciding if training will help, and if so; what kind of training is needed. Identifying gaps in performance is key to the assessment process. Obtaining this kind of input can be useful in building support for the training from those who will be trained, particularly because they are well positioned to help identify training needs.

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