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Providing counsel and support while establishing policies and processes relating to Performance Management processes including coaching and disciplinary actions. Implementing processes to review medical accommodations and return to work practices. 



How do I manage an employee who is not meeting performance expectations?

It is important to have a disciplinary process and policy in place to manage your employees effectively. This begins with a coaching session to provide feedback and steps on how you require the performance to improve. If the expected performance is achieved, you need to provide positive feedback. If it has not been achieved, the next progressive steps could include verbal/written warnings accompanied by a Performance Improvement Plan. The purpose of this plan is to re-establish expectations through frequent meetings to monitor their performance while providing the coaching and support required for staff member to be successful.

What do I do when one of my employees advises me that he’s being bullied by another employee?

Sit down with the employee and ask them to further explain the situation in detail along with providing a written statement. If they are reluctant to say anything for fear of retribution, you must explain that it is your duty as an employer to investigate while doing everything to protect anonymity as much as possible. Once you have the statement, you can ask specific questions to gain further understanding relating to dates, times, locations, and potential witnesses. Review your internal policies regarding violence and harassment in the workplace. Interviews with all parties involved, including witnesses must take place as quickly as possible.


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