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Conversation between Colleagues

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Conversation between Colleagues
Conversation between Colleagues

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 Tailored HR Solutions that boost your team's

morale and productivity.






We provide support and guidance on your organization’s specific HR needs.

Need help with performance management processes, organizational effectiveness, workplace investigations, and employee engagement? We can work with you to ensure optimal employee relations to retain loyal employees.

During COVID-19, the health and safety requirements have never been more complex. We're here to provide support on keeping your business compliant under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario (OHSA).

Ensuring your workforce is mentally healthy is critical during times of crisis. We provide guidance, training, and resources to maintain mental health and wellness in the workplace.

We will provide training and development after we assess your organization’s training needs while also ensuring the legislative training requirements are met under provincial guidelines.

Let us work together to build a strategic HR plan that is linked to your organization’s objectives that supports the organization’s goals and strategies.

We will develop policies that are aligned with your culture and values, and provincial legislative requirements.


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Complete our quick Organization Evaluation Checklist


We will review and provide advice on your specific HR needs


We can provide HR services as required or take on the role of HR for your organization.


You will receive dedicated and personalized support from experienced and knowledgeable HR Professionals.

Mission Statement

As passionate HR Business Partners, we provide strategic, customized, boutique-style services to small and medium-sized firms.


As highly skilled HR professionals, Sandra and Marina have more than forty years of combined human resources experience across a wide range of different business sectors.

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Rima Boles, Director - Arts Centre

"S & G HR Consulting provided the expertise required to assess our organization's health & safety compliance and Covid-19 preparedness. It was a pleasure working with this team of professionals."

Drew MacNeil, Co-Founder/COO - XpertVR

Nicole Smith, Office & Communications Manager 

"The team as S&G HR provided excellent insight into our current HR processes and what needed to be improved upon. Working with them opened our eyes to how we could better support our employees today and their future growth with XpertVR. The training sessions were engaging and personable, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as our company expands."

"S&G HR Consulting provided our team with an excellent workshop experience. Not only are they knowledgeable but they made it fun and interactive, engaging the whole team."


Job Gym - Employer Learning and Resource Webinar: Managing Mental Health Challenges During These Difficult Times

Sandra and Marina review mental health strategies, building mental health resilience, developing and sustaining coping skills, dealing with the challenges of mental health in a crisis, identifying early signs of issues, and how to accommodate mental health concerns.