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We help simplify your HR processes we partner with you to create robust policies and training programs to provide clarity reflecting your culture, values, and strategy within your organization.


Assessing your specific training and development needs relating to health and safety practices; Harassment, Discrimination, and Violence Prevention; and Joint Health & Safety Committee initiatives. Providing training and leadership development relating to performance management such as effective coaching methods, disciplinary actions, terminations, attendance management, health & wellness initiatives, and accommodations to improve efficiencies and boost retention.​


The development and implementation of an HR Strategy that is linked to your organization’s objectives is key to the success of your business. It provides information on how the HR function will support the goals and strategies of the organization, while also ensuring that HR planning and practices are consistent.

Evaluating business processes aligned with employer obligations. This includes cost saving measures such as restructuring, temporary and/or permanent layoffs, and business contingency planning for future pandemics or emergencies.

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