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Building your Business for Growth

Building your Business for Growth: For businesses that have employees and planning to develop and continue to grow. In the absence of a dedicated HR department, establishing clear company policies is vital for fostering a productive and supportive culture. As a business expands, lacking HR support can lead to disorganization and unprofessionalism. 

The most supportive company cultures are built on a range of different policies that set the tone for your company and help your employees understand the expectations of the business. We can customize a plan that aligns perfectly with your business strategy and culture to elevate businesses to the next level.

Ongoing HR Support

Providing HR Support and advice - We offer to provide ongoing support and advice for a fee of $150 per hour to include verbiage:

  • Guidance on workplace issues, 

  • Policy interpretation, 

  • Performance management

  • Fostering positive employee relations.



We offer to write new policies and procedures for a fee ranging from $150 to $300 per policy/procedure to include verbiage:

  • Code of conduct 

  • Attendance Management

  • Performance Management Program

  • Privacy Policy

  • Vacation Policy

  • Internet Usage

  • Hybrid/Remote Working Policy

  • Disconnect Policy (Essential for 25+ employees)

  • IT Monitoring Policy (Essential for 25+ employees) 

  • Health & Safety Program

  • Violence & Harassment Program





Training & Development

We offer to design and deliver training in person or virtually starting from $350 for a one hour course ( up to 12 people) to include verbiage:

  • Health & Safety Training

  • Leadership Training

  • Performance Management

  • Violence & Harassment Investigation

  • Effective coaching and feedback

  • Building an inclusive workplace

  • Mastering Succession Planning & Talent Development

  • Motivating your team

Ongoing HR Support

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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