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Essential Framework for Start-up Businesses

Establishing a startup demands careful expenditure in its initial phases, with human resource management and the hiring process frequently downgraded to a secondary concern. While engaging an external HR consultant may not be an immediate priority, it's crucial to consider HR processes and procedures early in the venture. A good HR strategy includes forecasting your team’s growth, budgeting for compensation, and laying the foundation for a thriving and productive company culture.

We offer this foundation package for a set fee of $1500 to include the following:


 A well-crafted employee handbook and policies and procedures reflects the essence of your business and how you operate. Every company (no matter how small) is legally required to have specific HR policies and procedures these include:

  • Hours of work & overtime

  • Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination policy

  • Disciplinary procedure

  • Termination 

  • Health and safety policy

  • Substance abuse and smoking policy

  • AODA

  • Health & Safety Manual - aligned with OHSA legislative requirements for less than 6 employees.


Employee Handbook

Job Descriptions

Compensation Strategy

Essential for clarifying roles, responsibilities, and expectations within the business. They serve as a roadmap for both employers and employees, ensuring alignment and understanding of duties, qualifications, and performance standards.           (2 jobs)

Crafting an affordable foundational compensation package comprising pay, benefits, and incentives tailored to meet new employee needs and business objectives.      (2 jobs)

Initial Recruitment Plan

To include assessment criteria, structured interview questions, recruitment checklist, templates and documents, and draft of an employment contract. 

HR Orientation

Learn company values, policies & procedures, culture, and Health and Safety in alignment with legislative requirements.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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